Posted: January 18, 2008 in Happenings, Weather

Yes, I’m a believer.

A believer in the possibility that it WILL snow one day in North Alabama.  Tomorrow night, we get a shot at it.  Unfortunately, the track for the heaviest snow is forecast for areas south of us.  While they’re guessing 0″ to 1″ around here, Birmingham, where I used to live, could get up to 5″.  That stinks.  All I really remember getting when I lived there was this horrid ice storm that SHUT DOWN the city for days back in 1996 (1995?  I forget…).  Ice=bad.  Snow=good.

But I cling to hope.  Storm tracks can change.  Back in 1999 or 2000, they were crying the same thing for Birmingham:  LOTS  of snow.  James Spann (whom I think is one of the best meteorologists out there) even appeared excited at a certain prospect of 4-6″ of snow for the B’ham area.  Winter Storm Warnings were in effect.  Then – POOF! – over the course of about an hour, the storm shifted its track, and the bulk of the precipitation fell south of Birmingham.  A minor shift in the storm track meant a big change in the forecast.

So who knows…  Maybe this storm will just get a ‘nudge’ overnight or in the day tomorrow that will take it further north, and we will finally get some snow.  I choose to believe!!

But it’s not just me.  Having never seen a real snowfall in her life (so far), m daughter quite literally has prayed for snow for the past two winters.  God – and I mean no sacrilege disrespect here – PLEASE!!  Let her see a LOT of snow here soon!

And I feel I must add this:  For all of you guys out there (hot weather addicts or Yankees-turned-southerner) who B & M (I’ll give you a hint: the letter “M” stands for “moan”) about snow and the joy of living in a place where it rarely snows, let me just say, “‘It’s our turn.”  You’ve had your snowless winters going on about 10 years now.  So sit back, take a valium, drink some hot coffee, laugh at the people racing to the grocery story for bread and milk (I’ll laugh with you), and complain about how southerners can’t drive in the snow (again, I”ll laugh with you).  Heck, I’ll even tolerate your constant proclamation, “It’s NOT going to snow!” everytime we snow lovers mention a weather forecast.  “It’s not going to snow you say,” over and over – like Eeyore giving a weather forecast.  Just remember:  One day it will be MY turn.  And I plan on making a snowball with your name on it.

Maybe two.

  1. Jason says:

    Its not your turn Kevin….stinkin snow lover….I think I’ll go have a cup of coffee.

  2. That’s okay. I think I have an old snowball from last year’s ‘teaser’ snow in the back of my freezer. Should be just about right by now.

    Better duck ;-).

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