Sunday rocked!

Posted: January 15, 2008 in Church, Music, Perspective

Sunday was one of the most incredible mornings we’ve had yet in the history of Crosspoint.  The short version:  God was there.  The long version:  The crowd was awesome (large AND energetic), there were lots of guests, the music came together, the video came together (and people laughed), and Dave preached what I believe is the best sermon he’s ever preached at Crosspoint.  AND – we were probably the only church in North Alabama (or all of Alabama) playing a Lynard Skynard song (with relevant meaning to the service).

This past Sunday marked the kickoff of our short, but very important series:  “Simple Church.”  This series will mark both a re-affirmation of who we are as our church (honing our mission/purpose) AND a “shifting” point where we make some changes that will make us more effective at the task of reaching people who do not know Christ.

As always, disaster seemed to loom at ever turn

  • – I forgot the sound board.  Yes – THE board that runs everything.  I’d taken it home to test it for a problem it had displayed the week before.  Yet, both my wife and I walked out of the house without it.  Sheesh.  ADD at its finest.  Fortunately, Jason and Stacey were able to drive back to the house and get it back with plenty of time to get it set up.
  • – I’ve had a sore throat for days (even worse tonight), yet I was able to make it through the whole songset.
  • – The video (in previous post below) was nearly horked up completely.  We shot it Friday night at Pam’s house.  We checked it (on the camcorder) before we called it a wrap.  All seemed good…until…I captured it to my computer, and a startling background ‘hiss’ (sounded like tape noise) that nearly drowned out Pam’s voice completely revealed itself.  But after HOURS of tinkering with noise reduction plug-ins, I was able to restore her voice without much of the original background noise.  I think she still sounded a bit “processed” in the audio, but the final result was FAR better than what I began with.  And it paid off.  The crowd loved the video, and it drove home a point about the need to keep from making a simple message too complex.

But it all came together better than we could have hoped.


  1. Everlasting God (Lincoln Brewster)
  2. The Answer (Shane and Shane)
  3. How Great Is Our God (Chris Tomlin)
  4. Simple Man (Lynard Skynard)
  5. Take My Life/Here Am I (Chris Tomlin)

BTW…Jared Spooner played with us for the first time ever, and did a GREAT job.  I look forward to playing onstage with him some more – at least until he starts college in the fall…heh.


– Be a simple kind of man.  Be something you love and understand….


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