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Holiday pics:  (1) Jason swinging a “Master Replicas Star Wars Lightsaber” (random Christmas purchase) at slow shutter speed, (2) Christmas morning with Z, Kailyn, Stacey, and Uncle G, (3) Kailyn and Zachary leaving cookies for Santa.

Use the Force, JasonChristmas morningCookies for Santa


I can’t believe the holidays are almost over.  Yes, Christmas and New Year’s Day have both come and gone, but for me the holiday is still on.  Why? Because my kids are still home (they don’t go back to school until Monday), my decorations are still up, all the presents still have that ‘new’ smell, and – dang it – I hate it that we spend two freakin’ months preparing for Christmas then – BAM! – people rip down their decorations and move on as fast as they can.  Now that the shopping, cooking, wrapping, and all that is over, I can FINALLY enjoy a break.

Sort of.  Having kids at home reminds me why I’m usually glad they’re in school, work for church never stops, and everyone else is already back into their daily grinds.

But it’s been a great holiday season.  The visit from my mom and my bro was short, but great.  Hanging out with Jason, Eli, J-mo, and the Pitts in the evenings and eating everything from leftover turkey to crab legs was a lot of fun (especially considering these guys are our ‘extended family’).  My kids have had a blast now that they both understand the concept of Christmas being a special time.  Even my two-year-old, who barely speaks to us in more than one word phrases, can sing almost all of “Jingle Bells” word for word.


  • – Z telling us on the 23rd that Santa Claus was going to bring him a helicopter for Christmas.  Funny, Santa didn’t know that ;-).
  • – Cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve
  • – Uncle G (Gareth, my brother) playing hide and seek with my kids.
  • – Turkey (sun-dried tomato seasoned), brown sugar glazed ham, stuffing, gravy, corn casserole, green bean casserole, Shubert’s yeast rolls, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, dutch apple pie, chocolate pound cake.  Mmm.
  • – Crab legs on New Year’s Day.

Much more to tell (always is).

  1. Jason says:

    Being with family always makes the holidays fun….as long as you like your family

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