Almost Christmas…

Posted: December 24, 2007 in Church, Family

It’s Christmas Eve already.  Can you believe it?  Comes up on us fast every year.  But here are some of the highlights (so far…and to come):

  • Had a big Christmas cookout at our house last night.  Great turnout.  A lot of fun with a lot of friends.  Burgers, steaks, and chicken… kids screaming in about every room… but a great way to spend some of the holiday with our “extended” family.  Awesome.
  • My mom and my brother are driving here today.  Looking forward to spending a few days with them.
  • Attended a Christmas party for Kailyn at her school last week.  It reminded me of my own elementary school parties.  Anyway, she had a blast.
  • Stacey and I both attended a Christmas “musical” for the Z at his preschool last week.  Typical let’s-watch-kids-stand-there-and-not-sing-event, but fun nonetheless… I remember doing all sorts of things like this as a kid at school and church, and I know my kids love them.  They are truly getting old enough to enjoy the whole season of the holiday.
  • We wrapped up the “Christmas in the Reel World” series at church yesterday.  Attendance was down (a lot of people are sick or traveling 2 days before Christmas), but it was a great program.  We used the movie Transformers as a launching point to talk about the meaning of Christmas – that God sent his son to transform (save) the world.  He calls us to lead transformed lives (Romans 12) – even changing the way we think so that we, as transformed individuals, can carry his message of salvation and transformation into the world.  You follow?
  • Still have a bit of cleaning up to do this morning before my family arrives.  Shouldn’t be too bad, though.  A lot of people helped us clean up from the party last night.  But it’s still last minute…as always.
  • The post office screwed up delivery of my mother’s gift to me and Stacey.  It was supposed to be shipped on Saturday (USPS), but there’s only a note on the tracking site that says “mis-shipped by carrier” or something over in Atlanta.  Hopefully, it will arrive today.
  • It promises to be a long day and a long evening of playing “Santa Claus” as we wrap gifts for one another (we won’t open them until tomorrow, though).
  • Tonight:  Cookies and milk for Santa.  Kailyn LOVES making cookies and leaving them by the fireplace.
  • Tomorrow:  Turkey (some hickory smoked and some with a sun-dried tomato seasoning), brown sugar glazed ham, corn casserole, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, yeast rolls, mashed potatoes, chocolate pound cake, apple pie, ice cream…
  • Believe it or not, right now we’re listening to “Holiday Traditions” on XM Radio.  Kind of a departure from my normal music ‘set,’ but the music they’re playing reminds me of a lot of the music I grew up with around Christmas (I’m sure some of it is exactly the same).  Very festive.
  • Okay, okay, okay…I know our holiday traditions make us look, at times, like a poster family for Hallmark Christmas cards, but give me a break.  I still love this time of year.

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