Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Posted: December 9, 2007 in Church, Happenings, Music, Perspective

I tried to type that in my best “wrestling announcer” voice, but it just doesn’t translate well into Times New Roman.

  • Church this morning was fun – a LOT of fun, in fact…but I’ve given up on trying to determine the mood of our crowd from week to week.  I don’t want to launch off on a tangent about this topic (which I’ve blogged about before), but it’d be nice to find the key…the secret ingredient…the code…the unicorn…the correct alignment of planets that would foster energy from our crowd.  Oh, well… not my place to determine how that happens…only God’s!  But, hello!  God…here, now…worship…Him…the whole eternal life/salvation thing…incredible love…community… should ROCK…OUR…WORLD!!!
  • There are two types of people in the world:  Those that hate Christmas music and those that listen to 24/7 Christmas radio stations beginning on Thanksgiving.
  • I’m a third type of person, apparently…I like Christmas music, but if I hear Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time” once more this season, I’m going to declare war on Liverpool.  ;-).
  • Christmas songs simply do not work well as worship songs nowadays.  Why is that?  I couldn’t wait until the season of Advent when I was a kid in ‘traditional’ church.  I loved singing Christmas songs.  First, it’s Christmas!  Second, I knew the songs.  Third, the church I grew up in did some spectacular orchestral/choir arrangements of traditional Christmas music.  But why does that not work so well today (at least in our church)?  Is it that they’re overplayed or so ‘attached’ to tradition that they’ve lost meaning for a lot of people?  Maybe that’s it.  We don’t use words like “noel,” “hark,” “ye,” “or “in excelsis Deo” too much in our everyday lives.  Too bad…there’s a lot of truth and reason to worship in the songs that contain those words.
  • Tried to take a nap this afternoon.  Foolish me, forgetting that having kids and taking naps cannot co-exist.
  • Repaired my VOX Valvetronix guitar amp head this week.  The left channel hasn’t been working right for sometime.  So I replaced both 12AX7 tubes.  That didn’t work.  But fiddling with it’s internal gain controls and straightening bent capacitors and stuff like that did.  Basically, I accidentally fixed the amp by touching stuff inside it I’m never supposed to touch.
  • Can someone unload my car for me?  Just a 100-lb. keyboard (in case), keyboard/amp stands, 3 guitars, 2 amps (heavy ones), 2 pedal boards, 2 heavy boxes of cables, and various mic/music/guitar stands.  If you can be here in 10 minutes, it’ll probably still be in the car (whenever you happen to read this).
  • Pirates of the Carribean 3 has joined my collection of unwatched movies on my DVD rack (still in the plastic wrap, no less).  Who has the time anymore?
  • Panera Bread Company has great food.  Unfortunately, everyone knows this…especially at noon after church in a small town.

Oh, here’s the songset from this morning:

  • O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (short intro/call to worship)
  • Awesome is the Lord Most High – Chris Tomlin/Passion Worship Band
  • Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall
  • A Thousand Hallelujahs – Mark Roach (new song for our crowd)
  • Mighty to Save – Hillsongs

Though my tone in a lot of what I’m typing may sound sarcastic, I’m overwhelmed right now by the love of God, the gift of His Son, and the mind-blowing way he allows me/us to be a part of His work in the world.  Reason to worship indeed.


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