Summing it up

Posted: December 3, 2007 in Church, Happenings, Music

The past 4-5 days have been sheer chaos.  In spite of a tough struggle to get through this past week (and the ensuing anxiety that always takes a heavy toll on me), everything turned out well for this Sunday.  That’s purely a God-thing, since we made a lot of last-minute changes to our program at the last minute.  But that was exactly what needed to happen. 

First, the message was about getting rid of the “clutter” that comes around Christmas (having the wrong focus amidst all the chaos of decorating, cooking, family visits, shopping, etc.).  Stripping down the worship from the normal near-metal experience it often is and making it acoustic (meaning 2 acoustic guitars, 2 vocalists, and a djembe only) only served to help drive Dave’s point home better.  Basically, rather than just creating a lot of ‘energy’ in the room that often accompanies a rousing worship set, we wanted to create an atmosphere of intimacy with God.  I think our people resonated with that this week.

Second, the drummer who had been scheduled to play (before we made the changes) spent Saturday and Sunday fighting off a stomach bug.  As it turns out, his condition would’ve necessitated a change anyway.  It’s cool how things work out.

Anyway, here’s our setlist from yesterday:

  • Oh, Lord, You’re Beautiful (simple chorus we used as a call to worship, basically…I’ve known it for years, but don’t know who wrote it)
  • Beautiful One (Tim Hughes)
  • You Are So Good to Me (Third Day version, though acoustic)
  • Yearn (Shane and Shane)
  • The Answer (Shane and Shane) – a new song for us, but one of the greatest acoustic/vocal worship songs out there.
  • O Come All Ye Faithful – I wanted to end the program on the note of “adoring” our Lord (focusing on Him and only Him), so we redeemed this Christmas song from 24/7 Christmas radio stations and made it what it actually is:  A song of worship.


 The weekend closed with our annual Christmas dinner last night.  Good food, good time with our friends/church family, good time to think about where God is leading us as a church.


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