Posted: November 30, 2007 in Happenings, Perspective,2933,314111,00.html

This Britsh teacher in Sudan allowed students to name a teddy bear “Muhammad,” and now they’re protesting in the streets with clubs and knives demanding this woman’s execution.  I was already stunned that they already wanted to imprison her for that, but thought, “She was living in their land in their culture under their laws,” so, though the Sudanese response was shocking to me, that’s merely a religious and cultural difference.  Respect for another culture where you choose to reside should be a given.

But now that they’re protesting in the street, demanding her death?  Like we’ve seen in the past when they demand the death of an author or anyone who’s said something offensive,’ I have to wonder what’s really going on there.  Such wanton hatred that evolves into a mob mindset simply does not seem to be true religious indignation.  Just hatred.


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