Best of Both Worlds

Posted: November 28, 2007 in Computers, Gaming

Woohoo!  Managed to install Windows Vista on a 2nd hard drive on my PC, and I didn’t lose any hair in the process.  Um…at least, no more than I’ve already lost!  Had only one hiccup during the install (having to enable a SATA controller in my system BIOS so that Vista would boot up), but it was pretty painless otherwise.  Now when I start my computer, I have my choice of XP or Vista.  Great way to “test drive” the latest from Microsoft without losing everything I’ve already got in the process.

Most importantly, I got Crysis installed.  So far, it’s well worth the Direct X 10 update.  Everything is just about maxed out, though I can’t run it with all the effects dialed in (at least not until (1) they release a patch or (2) I grab a second graphics card [though from what I’ve read, that isn’t a great improvement].


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