Sunday night wrap-up

Posted: November 25, 2007 in Church, Music, Perspective

This morning at church, I got to preach for a change (in addition to leading the worship).  I felt a lot like Eddie Murphy, who plays multiple roles in a lot of his movies. 

Anyway, I talked about keeping God out of the “boxes” we cram him into.  Though we could identify many boxes, I brought attention to five:

  • The “Theological” Box – this is the box we put God in when we reduce God to a mere statement of theological principles and take much of the “mystery” out of who He is.  Keeping God in this box keeps us from knowing all that he is AND may keep us divided with other Christians over theological ideals we hold sacred.
  • The “Irrelevant” Box – in a world dominated by rational thought (science), technology, and so many conflicting worldviews, it’s easy to think God is irrelevant to 21st century life.  Keeping God in this box makes us overlook where God may be working and, oftentimes, allows us to excuse sins in our lives.
  • The “Santa” Box – God exists to meet your needs.  You know you’re in this box if the only time you ever seek God out is when you need something.
  • The “Angry God” Box – God doesn’t care about you – or, He exists just to zap the fun out of your life.
  • The “Doubt” Box – Doubts keep you from finding real, trusting faith in God.

But the truth is, God is bigger than the boxes we want to put him in.  He is indescribable, all-powerful, unnameable, untameable, uncontainable, all-knowing, all-loving, all-righteous, timeless, infinitely creative, and flawlessly holy.  Apart from His revelation, our tiny minds can barely even begin to comprehend who He is.  But this revelation reveals that He loves us – and that blows me away, to think that this incredible God actually cares about us.  I’ll take this God any day over the “God in the box.”

The right response to this God is to “fear” Him.  I think people misunderstand this word – it’s not fear of some petty god who lives to strike us down, but a reverent awe of his holiness and our ultimate insignificance apart from His grace.

I challenged people to F.E.A.R. God.

  • Falling on our knees before Him – recognizing His greatness in contrast to our…finite existence.
  • Eating our pride – recognizing our sin in the face of His holiness, and confessing that sin.
  • Accepting his love and forgiveness – Moving from ‘fear of God’ to ‘faith in God.’
  • Responding with obedience – As Paul said when he met Jesus on the road to Damascus:  “What shall I do, Lord?”

How big is your God, and how do you respond to Him?

You can listen to my message here (I only ask that you please ignore the awkward goofiness at the end when I was dealing with a cold-related inability to swallow…yikes!!…nothing like having to make a pause in front of a lot of people…I’m such a boob).


Here’s the songset from this morning:

  1. Everlasting God – Lincoln Brewster
  2. Indescribable – Chris Tomlin
  3. You Alone – Passion Worship Band
  4. You’re Everything – David Crowder Band
  5. How Great Is Our God – Chris Tomlin

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