Baby got back (from Atlanta)

Posted: November 24, 2007 in Family, Happenings

So did I…and our two kids.  We got back from Atlanta last night about midnight.  Unlike our trip out to Atlanta on Wednesday (worst travel day of the year), the trip home was completely uneventful – light traffic, no rain, no “eeediots” (think Ren and Stimpy) on the highway – and the kids slept the entire 3 1/2 hour trip (aaahhh….the bliss of silence).

It was a very good trip.  I think it qualifies as the most time I’ve been able to spend at my mom’s house for a holiday in years.  Usually because of Stacey’s work schedule and/or my church schedule, we can rarely stay more than a single night before we have to turn around and come home.  It was especially nice not having to do that this year knowing it was the first Thanksgiving without my father.

Anyway, random highlights/happenings:

  • Turkey, brown-sugar glazed ham, deviled eggs, squash casserole, corn casserole, rice, green beans, croissants, sweet potato casserole, gravy, chocolate cake – Mmmmm.  Good.  I may need to get a larger size pair of jeans now, but the food was, as always, well worth it.
  • I-20 eastbound was more like waiting in line at a Wal-mart with one register open on Black Friday than it was an interstate.
  • Speaking of Black Friday, I dared face a crowd at Best Buy to score a $60 320GB hard drive upgrade for my PC.  Surprisingly, no lines, no waiting, plenty of parking…and this is ATLANTA (!), so I expected it to be much worse.  Anyway, my wife also scored Season Two of “House” for $15.  With the writers’ strike going on, we may just use the time to catch up on shows on DVD.
  • Never eat a big Mexican dinner right before getting on the road.  At least nothing on the menu marked “spicy.”
  • My mom’s new Honda CRV is an awesome car.  It has leather seats, sunroof, bluetooth, nav system, XM radio, and a freakin’ “back up camera” so you can see what’s behind you.  Wow.
  • I am now officially sick.  My sinuses are driving me crazy.  My throat is in the phase between “scratchy” and “sore.”  I’m downing pills like Lindsay Lohan after a few hours in jail.  (heh).
  • A ton of houses (here and in Atlanta) were decorated for Christmas days before Thanksgiving.  What is the world coming to?
  • LSU.  Wow.  I’m stunned.  What happened?
  • I’m not excited about running into Crosspoint’s token Razorback fan tomorrow.  LOL!  I’m sure he’ll be wearing the colors, talking the trash, and reminding all of us Alabama/Auburn/Georgia fans who beat LSU.  Oh, well… I admit, it was a thrilling game to watch, whoever won.
  • We came home to a clean house.  We cleaned it before we left.  Don’t know when that’s happened last.

On a more serious note, it’s been a rough year for me:  Losing my dad, worrying about my mom and my brother, facing daily reminders of my dad’s passing.  It all adds up sometimes and is pretty overwhelming.  However, this holiday has helped make it a bit better.  My two year old son, Zachary, asked several times, “Where’s ‘Papa?'” while we were there.  At first that made me pretty sad, but it also showed me that my son remembers his granddad.  The time spent with my mom and brother reminded me how much my dad is STILL a part of our lives.   And I have more joy than ever in knowing we’ll see him again one day.

Thanksgiving, indeed. 


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