Random stuff

Posted: November 20, 2007 in Church, Family, Happenings, Perspective
  • Hope you enjoyed that…need a good laugh, because:
  • Tomorrow, we hit the ground running with the chaos of the holiday:  Cleaning, packing, Zachary’s Thanksgiving party at his preschool, a potluck dinner for small group at our house tomorrow night, traveling to Atlanta Wednesday, planning music AND the message for Sunday morning, scheduling a rehearsal, and – maybe – getting some Christmas lights set up Sunday afternoon.  Holy crap.
  • Took a cat to the vet today and spent $75 on meds and treatment of an abscess in her ear.  Do I really like cats that much?  Scary.
  • It’s going to be an odd holiday without my dad being around.  Don’t quite know what that’s going to be like.  I’m afraid it will drive home the reality of his passing away all over again.
  • I really admire my wife sometimes.  She’s had great attitude lately, in spite of working 51 1/2-hour weeks – 9 1/2 hour days, no lunch, and 4 hours on Saturdays.  Then she’s home dealing with kids, the house, and – on top of that – usually attending various weekly church stuff with me.  Sometimes, I think she’s really at the point of burnout, but she seems to be doing okay.  Just incredibly busy.  How we actually find time to spend together is nearly miraculous.
  • Traffic going to Atlanta on Wednesday is probably going to suck.
  • Crysis, Call of Duty 4, and TimeShift are all waiting patiently for me to upgrade to Windows Vista.  Gotta find time for that, too.  Sheesh!!
  • It’s been an expensive fall:  Replacement AC unit for the bonus room, replacement plasma TV when our old one fried.  Yikes.  Hate going into a fall/holiday season after expenses like that.
  • My son came home from school today covered in paint.  Apparently, they did finger painting…and he thought it was just as effective to paint his shirt and pants as the paper they gave him to paint on.  Think:  Fun with laundry!
  • 75 degrees tomorrow.  Lows in the 30s by Friday morning.  My sinuses are already protesting.  I must be getting old.
  • Going to have a packed house at our dinner tomorrow night.  Wow!  Now I just need…chairs…tables…great.
  • My daughter is not a morning person…and she’s 5.  Can’t wait until she’s a teenager.  Won’t that be fun?
  • My son IS a morning person. In fact, he was roaming the house the other morning at 4:00 a.m. beating the walls with a drum stick.  I kid you not.  (He’s 2).
  • Die Hard 4 comes out tomorrow.  Another movie I want but won’t have time to watch for like…a week.

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