Songset from Sunday

Posted: November 5, 2007 in Church, Music

In spite of things feeling a bit “off” yesterday, I think things came together pretty well in spite of the glitches.


  • Rain Down (Delirious)
  • Bless the Lord (Jeff Deyo)
  • Here I Am to Worship (Tim Hughes)
  • We Fall Down (Passion Worship Band)

Dave then preached about serving…that Jesus came to be a servant, and we should seek to be like Him.  Church is not where you go to be served; it’s where you go to serve others.

Then we sang:

  • We Are Yours (Charlie Hall) – only sang part of this as a lead in to the next song:
  • Jesus, I Surrender (Jeff Deyo)

Ultimately, I wanted the music to move us to think about what God has done for us, and that we should respond to Him by giving Him our lives in acts of worship and serving Him. 


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