Posted: November 2, 2007 in Happenings, Perspective

I can’t believe it’s already November 2.  It seems like just a week ago we were fighting the nearly 110-degree temperatures of a very hot summer, sitting on the beach at Orange Beach, or buying back-to-school supplies.  A movie I saw in the theater this summer – like freakin’ yesterday – is already a “watched” DVD on my shelf.  So where did September and October go?  I vaguely remember things like Kailyn’s first day of school and Halloween, mostly because of the empty candy wrappers laying everywhere (was that 2 days ago or two weeks ago???!?).  I think we even had to turn the heat on at the house one night this past week.  So there are clues that a lot of time has passed by, but…sheesh.

Now that November is here, it makes me think/realize:

  • Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away from yesterday.
  • Christmas is less than 2 months away now.
  • Where am I going to find money for Christmas presents?
  • We’ve got a whole Christmas series to finish planning and then execute at Crosspoint.
  • This will be the first holiday season I’ve ever spent without my father.
  • The weather is supposed to get COLD this month – very cold for November.  (See the outlook here…scroll down to the headings that say “Next Week” and “November 10-15.”).  I think I still have a winter coat somewhere.
  • We’ve had little significant rainfall since April.
  • I was supposed to lose 20 pounds by Christmas (or so I told myself in August).
  • At this rate, next summer will be here tomorrow!

I think I’ll just sit here in shock for a few moments while I absorb the reality of flying time.

Time is short.  We’re only given so many days to lead out our lives.  What we do with that time is very important.  Will we waste it, or will we use it to nurture our relationships (family, friends, God, others) and make an impact in our world?

We don’t need to live life like the person who waits until Christmas Eve to shop.  The work is to be done now, not on some un-guaranteed day in the future.

And, apparently, none of us is getting any younger…heh.


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