Sunday wrap-up

Posted: October 29, 2007 in Church, Music

The energy level during our worship services has improved dramatically in the past few weeks.  Though only God’s presence can truly explain the overall energy, I think having better transitions and better stage presence has been helping.  Stage presence is key – people will only worship if the worship leader is modeling authentic worship him/herself.  You can’t fake that.  You can’t lead others to worship God (effectively) if you’re not worshipping him in your own heart.  If you’re not excited, how can you expect those you lead to be excited?

Anyway, here’s the songset:

  • Stars (Switchfoot)

Dae did a welcome here and gave people a chance to fill out connection cards

  • Our Love Is Loud – David Crowder
  • Awesome Is the Lord Most High – Chris Tomlin
  • Agnus Dei (partial – performed as kind of a tag to the end of the previous song)

Dave then spoke about reaching the lost and how that can get pretty messy – after all, we are ALL messy, and we shouldn’t forget.  We need to overcome our tendencies to get all ‘religious’ and shun peope we erroneously think are bigger ‘sinners’ than we are.  (I recenty blogged about this topic in this post).

  • One Thing – Charlie Hall (we sang only the ending chorus:  “All of life comes down to just one thing, and that’s to know You, Oh, Jesus, and make you known.”)
  • Mission’s Flame – Matt Redman

All in all it was a fun morning, and I felt everything flowed well together.  We were a minimalist band, with only 4 of us onstage this week, but I think it was the right fit for the songs.  That will not be the norm, but remember, I do have 2 vocalists out right now (childbirth makes it hard to sing onstage, apparently…heh) and others serve in other ministries.

The only flub-bub:  J-mo gave Will (the other guitar player) a 4-count to start the Stars song.  I don’t know what happened (we know this particular song backwards and forwards!), but they started playing at two different tempos.  I thought disaster was imminent, but Will recovered pretty quickly and the song worked out.  Whee.  Nothing like avoiding a train wreck to kick off the service.

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