Getting my nerd on

Posted: October 17, 2007 in Family, Happenings, Movies, Weather


we watched Transformers on HD-DVD tonight (I get double nerd points for that one – Transformers + HD-DVD on the XBOX 360).  Supreme nerdness, yes, but even my wife loved the movie.  (So did Dave, and he’s more critical of movies than anyone I know!).  This is, by far, my favorite movie to come out in a long time.  And, like Dave, I now really want a 2009 Camaro.  Yellow.  With black stripes.  Heh.



…the fall severe weather season is here, and being the weather nerd that I am, I’m keeping an eye on the potential for severe weather here tomorrow afternoon/night.  Weather radio?  Check.  ABC33/40 weather blog bookmarked?  Check.

Seriously, my fascination with weather is really just evolved fear.  As a kid, I was terrified of storms and things like tornadoes and hail.  Though fear is still there, much of it has evolved into a sheer feeling of “awe” in the face of God’s creation.  If I hadn’t been called to ministry, I’m sure God would’ve called me to be a storm chaser.

Maybe he will one day…heh.


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