Posted: October 13, 2007 in Church, Perspective

I’ve just completed my Saturday night ritual.  It is the ritual of preparing for Sunday morning.

  • Guitars ready?  Check
  • Extra strings?  Check
  • Keyboard packed?  Check
  • Stands ready (guitar and keyboard)?  Check
  • EasyWorship (PC software) ready to go?  Check
  • Batteries charging (for IEM system)?  Check
  • Tapes for camcorder?  Check

After I get done with my list of things to do, I still sit here and fret.  Many Sunday nights are plagued with sleeplessness.  It’s not that I don’t have faith in what God will do tomorrow – or any Sunday morning.  Rather, it’s nervous anticipation of my involvement in God’s plan.  Am I ready to play my part?  Have I honored God in my preparation?

What defines a “successful” Sunday?  One where we had a flawless performance?  One where our transitions all ran smoothly?  One where the crowd engaged in worship the whole time?  One where a LOT of people came?  One where decisions are made (for Christ)?

I’m confident God moves and makes these things happen.  It is truly exciting when everything comes together.  And it blows my mind that we – as leaders – are given the unthinkable privilege of being a tiny part of that process – that somehow our words/songs, etc. are tools used by God to touch people’s lives.  Wow.

But is that “success?”  I don’t think so.  It’s certainly wonderful, but I don’t think you can measure success based on whether God moved or not in the way we expected him to.  After all, all our planning, preparation, and execution of the program does not “conjure” God like a genie.

But we can ask ourselves every week if we are being obedient.  He only asks that we follow Him.  Maybe success is measured by being able to answer “yes” to the simple question, “Have we been obedient?”  If 150 people show up – or only 10 – that question still stands.  If many decisions are made – or none – that question still stands.  Sometimes we cannot see how or when God is working.  But we should always follow and trust Him – and remain obedient, no matter what happens.

What will tomorrow bring?  I do not know.  When tomorrow afternoon comes, I just want to be able to know that I went when God said “Go.”


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