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Posted: October 10, 2007 in Church, Family, Happenings, Perspective
  • Lifehouse’s song “Storm” is one of the best songs about faith-trust in God I’ve ever heard.  It’s nearly hypnotic.  If you don’t know it, you’ll hear it Sunday at Crosspoint.  It’s about crying out to God in the middle of life’s storms:  “Barely surviving has become my purpose.  ‘Cause I’m so used to living underneath the surface.  If I could just see You…”  Powerful stuff. 
  • I’m auditioning a potential vocalist for the band.  I hope this goes really well, because I’m losing 2 vocalists for a few weeks/months due to their “giving birth” at nearly the same time.  On a side note:  I think there’s so many women pregant in our church at any given time, that they’re responsible for singlehandedly doubling our attendance all by themselves.
  • I started going to the gym last week.  No results yet except for tired muscles and a little more energy during the day.
  • I broke down and bought the HD-DVD add-on for my XBOX 360.  I was hoping to not have to, but some movies I’ve really been anticipating on Blu-Ray won’t be on Blu-Ray (like Transformes…d’oh!).  I lucked out and found a used one at GameStop, though.  So the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD format war is moot for me now.
  • We have a Target now in Decatur.  It’s almost like living in the big city.  (I grew up in Atlanta, so…no….that doesn’t make us anything like a big city…heh).  But it’s nice to have somewhere to shop other than Wal-mart and the most dilapated K-mart I’ve ever been in.
  • Stacey had some time off yesterday and the day before – PLUS, the kids were out of school.  First time in a while we’ve been able to spend some time together as a family.  It was good.

On a much more serious note:

A good friend of my brother’s was killed on Monday.  Her name was Janet Devaty.  She was only 28.  She was tragically killed as she was struck by a trailer being pulled by a pickup truck while jogging.  Needless to say, this has been a major emotional blow to her family, her church family, and my brother.  Though I only met her once myself, she had been a great supporter to my brother and our family after my father died last May, even driving all the way to Atlanta from Charlotte for the funeral.  She had lost her own mother to cancer just a few months before that, so she really knew how to empathize with my brother and converse with him out of their common experience.  I know my brother – and his church – will deeply miss her.

None of us are guaranteed another day.  Any of us – or any of our friends or family – could go at any time.  This knowledge doesn’t necessarily frighten me, but Janet’s death has awakened me to the fact that we need to live and act and serve like today is our last day.

My brother tells me Janet had been a Christian for less than a year, but spent that past year seeking/serving/loving God, and showing real love to other people.  Everything I’ve heard from my brother and from reading various news reports/church blogs indicates that these are the things she will be remembered for.

If we were going to die tomorrow…and if you knew that was going to happen…how would you live your life for the next 24 hours?  Would you choose to pour ALL that you had left into making a difference?

The reality is that the clock is ticking for all of us.  None of us is promised tomorrow.  May our faith, our service, changes we need to make in our lives, etc…not becme things that we’ll “get to” on our list of things to do in our lives.  Rather, let those things become “now or never.” 

So pray for my brother…pray for Janet’s family…pray for my brother’s church.  They’ve all lost a good friend/daughter/sister.  And though they have confidence where she is (with Jesus), her sudden death has changed their lives.

  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptI broke down and bought the HD-DVD add-on for my XBOX 360. I was hoping to not have to, but some movies I’ve really been anticipating on Blu-Ray won’t be on Blu-Ray (like Transformes…d’oh!). I lucked out and found a used one at GameStop … […]

  2. Jeff says:

    I worked with Janet pretty closely with when she moved to NJ from Ohio many years ago. She was such a bright and sweet girl. This is very sad.

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