The crud

Posted: October 4, 2007 in Family, Happenings

It’s that time of year where it works like this:

My kid goes to school.  Another kid at that school sneezes on her.  My kid gets the sniffles.  She sneezes on me.  I get the sniffles.  I sneeze on Stacey, she sneezes on Zachary…a mad cycle of germ-sharing has begun.

That’s where I am today.  My sinuses are driving me crazy.  Since the word “sniffles” lacks in testosterone, let me describe it this way:  There is a river of muck between my right ear and my throat, causing my right ear great pain and making the simple act of swallowing…’icky.’  Yes, that is more graphic, but far more accurate to how I feel than saying, “I have the sniffles.”

Two years ago, I had a perpetual cold basically from October to May.  I’m sure it wasn’t one consistent illness, but the symptoms never waned.  Between fall allergies, spring allergies, colds, and that thing that happens to your sinuses when it’s 80 in the day and 47 at night, I felt constantly sick.  I think I single-handedly kept the drug company that makes Sudafed in business.  I was buying so much of the stuff that any pharmacist might think I was running a meth lab.  Fortunately, since my wife IS my pharmacist, no investigation ensued.  (Another plus to marrying a licensed drug dealer).

Seriously, it’s hard to be a vocalist when your vocal chords are…coated.  So I hope this is just a round of fall allergies or just some sinus funk associated with the change in seasons.  I think if I can’t shake it this year, I’m going to make a spontaneous run to the gulf coast just to soak in some of that salty air which usually does wonders for clearing the sinuses.

What would you rather do?  Take Sudafed for 6 months or go to the beach?  Heck, it’d probably cost the same either way.


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