Sunday recap

Posted: October 1, 2007 in Church, Happenings, Music

This past Sunday morning was the apex of an already busy (and wonderful) week.  My only concern:  How was I going to manage to make sure that everything – the music, video, and this week, the message itself – would come together and, honestly, not suck outright.  I was exhausted after the wonderful, yet don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it pace of the Innovate Conference at Granger Community Church in Granger (South Bend), Indiana.  I attended our band rehearsal Saturday as a walking zombie, AND our bassist was unable to attend the rescheduled practice.  Our attendance had been down the week before.  Dave, though getting much, much better, is still on the mend from his surgery.  Basically, all the elements were in place for a morning of disaster.

But God is good.  I mean…you don’t know – or hopefully you do – that there are moments that you look back on and it’s 100%, undoubtedly all God.  And anything I write about here is really just a tribute to what HE has done first, before I dare applaud the band, the crowd, the sound/tech guys (though they, too, undoubtedly deserve a lot of praise).


  • 1.  Salvation (Charlie Hall)
  • 2.  My Glorious (Delirious)
  • 3.  Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent (David Crowder Band)
  • 4.  Foundations (Mark Roach)

We performed the first 3 songs before the message.  For our crowd, these  3 songs are getting a bit dated – meaning that they are awesome, powerful, wonderful, but if you sing them as much as we have, songs – even the best ones – don’t motivate the crowd as well as I’d like.  On the other hand, they’ve all been crowd favorites, so you never know. 

But what happened as we played these songs has never happened at this level at Crosspoint.  Some God-thing – His presence in the room – clicked so well that the crowd was actually singing loud, clappping, and cheering God at the end of the songs with an energy that surpassed anything I’ve ever seen at Crosspoint.  Sure, I’d love to see this every week, but it simply is not something you can “conjure” – the Spirit of God doesn’t simply show up because you rub the lead guitarists Les Paul like a genie lamp.  Sure, you can always try to model authentic, expressive worship…you can always try to lead people into that experience…but it’s ultimately the Spirit of God that moves or doesn’t move.   And wow…he moved!  I hope our people saw that and crave that experience…not like some spiritual drug or anything, but because God is real, accessible, and ready to rock our world IF we are willing to let Him move us, get us out of our chairs, and worship him will all our might.

Some comments I got in e-mails after the service:  “That was without a doubt, the most alive, most energetic, enthusiastic crowd I’ve ever seen at Crosspoint.”  Another:  “The praise and worship was powerful!  Fantastic!  Loved it!  Can’t wait ’til next week when we do it all over again!”

I’m was humbled God lets me be a part of this.  But that’s what I want – that the band becomes transparent – and all people see is God.


I was simply stunned and utterly out of breath by the time it came around for me (yikes…me) to give the message.  Dave came up and did a welcome, giving me time to re-wire myself to speak…I had so many wireless cables/connectors on me I felt like a human lightning rod.  Short video played, then I took center stage – STILL out of breath (on a side note:  I think I was breathing heavy just to stay alive…I REALLY need to get in shape).

I talked with our crowd this morning about “What Satan is Teaching Your Kids About Sex” (week 4 of our PureSex series).  I think it went pretty well, considering I haven’t done that in a while.  I basically challenged parents to know what Satan’s message about sex is, where it’s coming from, how to talk to your kids about it, but -above all – be a missionary in your own home.  After all, if you really want to see your kids have the right, godly attitudes towards sex, don’t just lay down rules (necessary, but inadequate), but encourage them to have a relationship with Christ.  Be a missionary in your own home.  After all, it’s really having a relationship with Christ which ENABLES us to make right decisions about sex – or anything difficult.  Without that relationship, we’re just trying to follow (or enforce) the rules on our own ability.

You want to undo Satan’s message about sex?  Tell people THE MESSAGE about Jesus Christ.


 We concluded the song with Mark Roach’s song, “Foundations.”  I think the words and mood of the song made for a fitting end to the whole morning.  Wow.


Sometimes I find myself along familiar roads of ruin

Oh, I’ve built my share of houses on the sand

 I know the road I should be on, the road I’ve often stumbled on

Temptation is sometimes too much to withstand

But He is my rock, He is my salvation

He lived, and He died, so I could build foundations on His life…

Sometimes I find myself among the lesser men, the other ones
I act as if He’s not called them His own

I know that I’m no better than, no more like Him than any man

A sinner saved by grace, and grace alone

But He is my rock, He is my salvation

He lived, and He died, so I could build foundations

And He is my rock, He is my salvation

He lived, and He died, so I could build foundations on His life…

So I could build foundations on His life…

We serve a powerful God… We got to see his power in our service…  He is the strength we need to live the kind of life that’s best for us (according to His plan).  Whom, or what, are you building foundations on?


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