Granger 3.0

Posted: September 27, 2007 in Church, Happenings

This marks my 3rd year attending the Innovate Conference at Granger Community Church in South Bend, IN (Notre Dame country, if you are not familiar with that).  As always, it simply blows you away to be here.  As always – though you’re impressed by their “stuff” (building, sound/lighting, production, size of their crowd, etc.) – you’re really impressed by seeing the realization of what could happen when a group of people sold out for God dedicate their lives – their church – to reaching people and letting them know they matter to God. 

It nearly makes you weep in desperation to want to see the same thing happen in our community in Decaturland.  In short, the people here “get it.”  Their lives are missional.  Their attitude is love for people.  They live it and breathe it.  Consequently, they are changing their world.

Are you desperate to see God work?  I learned this 3 years ago here and it’s more real to me today than ever before:  If you want to see Jesus, be Jesus.  I hate it when I hear people cry out that they don’t “feel” spiritual…or that they don’t have some sort of emotional high that they used to when in the house of God (church).  Prayer, worship, Bible study – all the “forms” of acting Christian seem empty.  And when the emptiness sets in your motivation wanes.  You burn out.  You may even bail out…for just a week, or a month…or forever.

But if you want to see Jesus, be Jesus to someone who needs Him.  If you aren’t finding Jesus in the rows at church at Sunday at 11:15 thick in the middle of a worship set, it might be because you’re not letting Jesus work through you to help/serve/love someone who desperately needs him.  After all, we are now his hands and feet – and we are called to carry on His work – His mission of giving people hope – in the world.

Are you desperate to see life change?  I am more desperate than ever.  I am tired of sputtering along when we could be turning Decatur upside down.  Let’s do it.

Key moments from today:

  • Guy Kawasaki, former big wig at Apple Computer – telling us to not let rampant “bozosity” (bozos who want to derail your mission) hold us back.
  • Butch Whitmore – reminding us that we need processes for our processes.  If we want to get stuff done, we need to know how we’re going to do it and when…and what needs to get done before we can get next steps done on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • Butch Whitmire – it’s better to be right, sometimes, than nice.  Forsaking short-term issues for the betterment of long-term team ‘health’ is the best way to go.
  • Trace Rorie – (in a humorous video) he’s caught playing Guitar Hero in his office, but spins a yarn that he’s really playing “Worship Hero” where you learn to play the best from other worship leaders.  That was pretty funny.
  • Hearing them play Salvation Is Here – and liking the way we play it at Crosspoint better!! (that’s a first).  Really, they did great – wonderful, and it was a great time in worship…but it reminded me that we do things (I hope) better today than ever before at Crosspoint.  And that excites me about the possibilities.
  • Rob Wegner – (via video) – skit using a dominos (the toy, not the pizza) metaphor illustrating that most people – even Christians – think that God’s plan is a spiral down into hopelessness (our world is getting worse and worse and worse), when, in fact, God’s plan is a spiral up – to connect more and more people with him and change the world for the better.
  • The funny tidbit during their countdown video:  Music is interrupted with guy getting  phone call (that you overhear…they did this several times).  Funniest moment – he gets a call from OJ Simpson (to the beat of “Bad Boys”)…and all you hear him say is, “No, I don’t have any of your memorabilia… have to go, the conference starts in 2 minutes.”
  • Sleeper cell daughters.  OK…you had to be there to get that one.

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