Batteries, indoor camping, and dinner with “spewie”

Posted: September 22, 2007 in Family, Happenings

–  Part of getting ready for the Granger trip next week has been updating the batteries in some of my stuff/the church’s stuff.  I needed a new laptop battery in my Dell…the old one is only a year and half old and only lasts about 25 minutes on a charge – not good for taking notes at a day-long conference.  Second, the church camcorder needed an upgraded battery so it will run longer than 45 minutes.  (Side note:  It’s a pet peeve of mine that they don’t give you the extended life batteries to begin with…this new battery should last HOURS…instead of under an hour…would’ve been nice to have had that up front.)  Anyway, Batteries Plus hooked me up with what I needed – a Dell battery cheaper than the identical one on Dell’s website, and a new camcorder battery.

– Kailyn “camped” indoors last night.  We set up her Winnie the Pooh tent (of Jack’s camping trip promo video infamy) in the den.  I guess that’s a good start to prep her for real camping one day.

– The GOOD:  Eating at Romeo’s.  Good food, good service.  The BAD:  Watching the Z throw up all over the booth we were sitting in.  He’d been fussy all evening and started crying (very unusual for our kid), then nearly threw a tantrum before I realized what was happening and quickly told Stacey to point him away from her (he’d been laying with his head tucked against her).  A half-second later, SPEW!!  Fortunately, he only threw up water (making clean-up easy and not so gross) – no pizza or other Italian delicacy that is far grosser when it’s ‘recycled.’  Still, it was very embarrasing.  He couldn’t help it, of course.  At least we were in the far back left corner of the restaurant, so he didn’t spew for everyone to see.  And…he hasn’t thrown up again since.  I guess sometimes an upset “tummy” is just that, and not always some sort of stomach bug.

Fun, fun, fun….


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