My head is spinning

Posted: September 15, 2007 in Church, Happenings

– Dave was admitted to the hospital last night for fever and severe abdominal pain.  What he thought was merely a minor bug turned out to be “perforation of the colon,” and he underwent emergency surgery where they removed about 5 inches of his colon.  He’s in the expected pain of a post-surgical procedure and will have to endure recovery, but he IS expected to make a full recovery in the next few weeks.  Please keep him your prayers.

– Because of the suddeness of all this, today has been one crazy Saturday as we’ve scrambled to shift gears for tomorrow morning.  I guess it really hasn’t been that hard, but changing gears and making sure alternatives “work” can be time-consuming in its own right – especially when technology doesn’t cooperate (or you have to learn how to use it correctly to make it operate).  The downside is that the music and video I’ve been working on all week is getting bumped a week.  It’s good to have even more time to ‘perfect’ everything, I guess, so I won’t complain.

– Spent the evening relaxing with friends as I try to prepare my mind/heart for Sunday morning.

– I’ve talked to a lot of people lately who feel burned out – or spiritually low – or just spiritually “numb.”  I’ve been there myself at times, so I can empathize with what they’re feeling.  But you want to know the trick to overcoming a spiritual valley?  Don’t be consumed by it OR seek some sort of euphoric experience to break the cycle.  I believe no amount of prayer, Bible study, or other self-effort will necessarily snap you out of it.  Sure, it can be helpful and even comforting (even biblical – David cries out to God in the psalms in times of crisis), but I don’t think you can’t manipulate the Spirit of God for selfish pursuit of a spiritual “high.”  I think the best key is to focus on what God’s doing in the lives of those around you.  Let their experience re-invigorate you.  Celebrate what God’s doing – in ANYONE’S life.  Be passionate about what God’s doing in the lives of people He’s passionate about.  There’s excitement in celebrating what God is doing – even if it’s not centered around you.

– God is good…no matter what the world throws at us.


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