Posted: August 31, 2007 in Church, Gaming, Perspective


Being the big kid that I am, I love video games.  But since all 5 of you who read this already know that, I won’t bore you with why – beyond saying there’s more entertainment value in modern games when they’re done right than in a lot of movies put out by Hollywood.

Bioshock is one of those games, and I just finished playing through it tonight.  Though I’m obviously amazed at the graphics, the gameplay, the atmosphere, and all things that make video games fun, I’m more amazed and ‘shocked’ by the story – a story about selfish individualism run wild and its horrifying consequences.

Like Hollywood, even games can have themes emerge that make you think – and some nearly point to Christ in some way.  Though Bioshock is by no means ‘Christian’ (nor will I superimpose cheesy christian cliches on it), it explores a truth that selfish individualism that’s devoid of morality and any sense of ethics can lead to utter disaster.  Though most of our lives won’t result in the horror that is Bioshock’s world of Rapture, the game certainly made me think how easy it would be to create our own personal “hell” if we allowed ourselves to be consumed by our own self-centeredness.

I’m definitely oversimplifying the point and you would have to play through the game to really grasp the point for yourself – and for that you’d have to be a gamer in the first place.  But it is rare that even a freakin’ XBOX GAME makes you think…

If we show videos, dramas, and other multimedia elements at church, could we play a game?

Heh…that might not translate well to Sunday mornings.


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