Posted: August 22, 2007 in Perspective

A friend of my wife is going through a tough financial struggle and may be about to lose her home.  To make a long story short, this woman has had a lot of tough things thrown at her in the past few years that have taken their financial toll on her.

Anyway, my wife came home yesterday and spent HOURS researching stuff online that might prove to be of some help to this person.  And I do mean she spent hours doing the research.

Being an unfortunately self-centered person myself, I became frustrated with this amount of time dedicated to her friend’s struggles.  Not that I’m not sympathetic, but I am one of those people who would rather tell someone in such a situation to “man up” and do whatever it takes to rectify it – get a 2nd job, seek financial assistance, make necessary financial cuts – basically, do WHATEVER it takes to keep her house, etc.

But my wife is not so self-centered.  And it was a bit humbling to see my own selfish ‘anger’ emerge as I watched my wife engage in her hours-long activity to help a friend.  Here she is pouring her life into someone else’s out of concern and love, and it bothered me because it consumed our evening.

I am such a loser.

Isn’t that the kind of love that we’re called to have?  A love that goes the extra mile for people in need?  A love that persists whether a person’s pain is self-inflicted or inflicted by others?

The truth is that there are a lot of people out there who are hurting.  Life has hit them hard or they have taken some serious missteps.  They may be consumed by past or present sins.  They may feel hopeless, outcast, and helpless to rectify their situation.  They may even think that their current situation is all that life will ever have in store for them.

But since pain is pain regardless of the source, we should be persistent in our love for them – even relentless in our love.  If – like me – we thoughtlessly remain self-centered, we’re not showing people the love of Christ that they need.

Christ-like love is not found in writing people off because they’ve been “stupid” or made mistakes.  Christ-like love is not found in a spirit of unforgiveness (or even vengeance).  Christ-like love is not found in locking ourselves into our own little worlds oblivious to the pain of others.

Christ-like love reaches out and persists no matter what.

If I don’t demonstrate that kind of love towards people, I am truly a loser.

  1. THE J-Mo says:

    Eh, you’re not a looser – just a boob.


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