Monday Night Unwind

Posted: August 13, 2007 in Church, Family, Happenings
  • Spent a good amount of time today listening to stuff of of Jars Of Clay’s “Good Monsters” CD.  Back in the 90s, these guys breathed life into the stale Christian music genre, but – I have to admit – I haven’t cared much for anything they’ve put out after the days of Love Song for a Savior, Flood, Crazy Times, etc., (I LOVED that stuff),  but I’m really liking their new CD.  “Work” is just a great rocking song.
  • “Rain Down,” by Delirious cranks my tractor.  I get chills sometimes when I hear the simple line “it’s gonna rain” sung.
  • I waited in a line of cars for 30 minutes today to pick up my kid from kindergarten.  They promise they’ll tweak their new kid-pickup system in a day or two.
  • We used Saliva’s “Ladies and Gentlemen” as a background track for our countdown video this week.  Holy smokes…I think most people found it an energetic way to crank things up… most people, anyway.  I think some people were a bit blown away (read:  shocked) by the driving guitar and lyrics like “you’re about to be bowled over” as they awaited on the worship service to start!!  Personally, that song psyches me into a mood – if you think of it as a kind of “call to worship” – where we want to see God, need to see God, and can’t wait to be bowled over by what he’s going to do (the wonders we might behold), then what’s wrong with that?
  • BioShock is coming out soon for the PC/XBOX360.  Can’t wait for that…nothing like a good, immersive, highly realistic, scary-as-heck GAME to pour some time into.  I hope it proves to be as good as the hype.
  • Mounted my center channel speaker on the wall behind my TV today.  It weighs 9.5 lbs.  Most wall brackets only support up to 8 lbs.  Solution?  I used 2. :-).
  • Another 100+ degree day (103 today).  No end in sight.  Maybe I should sell the unrestored 40-year-old hunk of metal in the garage (1968 Mustang) to put towards a pool fund.
  • I love my wife and my kids.

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