Kindergarten, sore feet, and high heat

Posted: August 7, 2007 in Church, Family, Happenings

– Kailyn starts kindergarten on Thursday.  Is she really that old already?  I’m still in the same state of awe – that I’m now the “grown-up with kids” – I’ve been in since Stacey first told me she was pregnant nearly 6 years ago.  It amazes me that she’s already 5 and starting school.  It seems that just yesterday J-mo and Kyle were ferrying Kailyn (who couldn’t even walk yet) as we walked around the mall after eating at Guadelajara Grill – as if to say, “Look, ladies, we like kids.”  Heh.  It seems that just yesterday she was being potty-trained and sleeping in a “big kid” bed instead of a crib.  Wow.  To say time “flies” is a severe understatement.

– My feet hurt.  So do my calves.  And my shins.  Blisters.  Sore muscles.  After walking several miles on the beach last week, and THEN walking around Sunday night to hang iLife door hangers on people’s doors (for the upcoming series), my feet are in revolt.  But at least it’s for a good cause.  What’s really sad is that I’m so out of shape that my feet hurt at all.  It’s walking, for heaven’s sake.  I didn’t run a marathon.  I just walked.  A lot.

– Sore feet, take 2:  Last week at the beach, Kailyn and Emma (Jason/Eli’s kid) ran into the elevator ahead of us and started pushing buttons before we were able to enter.  To their horror, the elevator door shut before we could arrive and took them – alone – up 15 stories, as they screamed the whole way up.  Several of us raced up the stairs, and before I knew it, I’d ran up 8 flights of stairs (Jason/Eli ran to 15).  I didn’t even think about it at the time – I just wanted to get to my kid to calm her down.  The next morning…let’s just say my calves were (and are) still sore.  And, yes, my kid will probably never enter an elevator by herself again.  (A nice family on the 15th floor escorted Kailyn and Emma back down the elevator to the 1st floor, where Sharon was waiting with Z – I hopped on the elevator with them on the 8th floor).

– It’s hot.  And it’s getting hotter.  I think it got to 99 here yesterday, and it’s supposed to get even hotter before the week is over.  I love this Alabama weather where you could steam crab legs on your front porch in August.  I need a swimming pool.


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