Sand in my shorts

Posted: August 3, 2007 in Family, Happenings

It’s Friday morning, and I’m enjoying our last full day here at Orange Beach/Gulf Shores.  In spite of some of the drama that comes with coordinating a eight people’s agendas at the beach, it’s been great.

Balcony viewKailyn at Lulu’sp1010309-small.jpg

(from top to bottom:  (1) view from balcony.  (2)  Kailyn at Lulu’s   (3)  The Z. )

Some highlights:

  • Royal Red Shrimp at Bubba’s Seafood.  Awesome.
  • Cheeseburger in Paradise at Lulu’s.
  • Seeing a giant stingray (5-foot wingspan) jump out of the water.
  • Boogie-boarding in high waves.
  • Getting our last day here at half price.
  • Zachary and Kailyn playing on the beach.
  • Seeing a small shark (1-foot-long) someone caught in the waves just offshore.
  • Not stepping on the stingray that just buried itself in the sand underwater in front of me.

We’ve had a thunderstorm pretty much every evening (after our beach time), the seaweed’s been a bit annoying, but we really couldn’t have asked for better weather (hey, even storms at the beach are spectacular).

Anyway, back to the beach…


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