Songset – 7/29/07

Posted: July 29, 2007 in Church, Music

Songs from this morning:

  1. Salvation Is Here (Kristian Stanfill – Passion)
  2. Holy Is the Lord (Chris Tomlin)
  3. Set Me Free (Casting Crowns)
  4. Wholly Yours (David Crowder Band)

Started a new series this morning called “Letdown” (topic borrowed from Lifechurch).  Great series about when you feel like you’ve been “let down” by others or even by God.  Nothing fancy this morning, just music and message.  “Set Me Free” was fun to play.  As always, we beefed it up a little bit to fit our style ;-).

Songs for this coming week:

  1. All We Need (Charlie Hall)
  2. Oceans from the Rain (Seventh Day Slumber)
  3. The Beautiful Letdown (Switchfoot)
  4. Amazing Grace – My Chains Are Gone (Chris Tomlin)

Spent this afternoon working with Will (guitarist/vocalist), Brent (bassist), and J-mo (drummer) going over “The Beautiful Letdown,” by Switchfoot.  Really fun song to play.  Inspiring lyrics…puts things in perspective.  GREAT bass line, too.  Can’t wait until Sunday to play it (after the beach, of course!!).


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