Long-time Listener

Posted: July 27, 2007 in Music, Perspective

Sometimes I feel pretty old, especially when I look over my CD collection.  Buried amidst CD’s from current artists (everything from Alter Bridge to Snow Patrol to Seventh Day Slumber to David Crowder) are CDs from artists like… Van Halen… Winger… The Police… Stryper (shudder) … and many others.  And no, my friends, these aren’t recent purchases I made to celebrate 80s music.  These CDs were bought new, back when CDs themselves were ‘new’ (anyone ever hear of “cassette tapes?”).

It surprises me that some of the artists on some of those old CDs are still around (and actually relevant…like U2, for example).  However, most of the music is extremely dated.  Cranking up “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” by Twisted Sister, just doesn’t have the same ‘oomph’ it had in 1990.  In fact, driving down the road with that song blaring on the stereo nowadays is likely to incur the audio wrath of some teenager in a pseudo-souped-up Honda with a coffee can muffler and his $5 gazillion dollar stereo pumping out whatever hip-hop is current.  Suddenly, the 30-something guy (me) in the Xterra (which, in and of itself used to be so Gen X and cool) feels quite old.  And I sheepishly roll my windows up and turn the homage to 80s music blaring through my factory stereo down.

Geritol, anyone?

Seriously, I try to stay relevant and keep my music library current – not because I’m a 30-something guy who is seeking to pretend to be 18 again, but because music is a tool for connecting with people.  I can’t expect to be effective as a worship leader and music director who wants to reach people in my culture if I’m not in tune with that culture.

Besides, there’s a lot of great new stuff out there…


Currently playing on iTunes:

  • Demon Hunter – “A Thousand Apologies”
  • Seventh Day Slumber – “Oceans from the Rain”
  • Kutless – “Promise of a Lifetime”
  • Kristian Stanfil – “Salvation Is Here”
  • David Crowder – “Wholly Yours”

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