Parousing iTunes

Posted: July 26, 2007 in Music

Spent a good portion of this morning scouring iTunes for some new music.  Found some good stuff:

  • Jeremy Riddle – “Sweetly Broken” – kind of a mesmerizing worship song that drives strong in the middle.
  • Mark Roach – “A Thousand Hallelujahs,” “Surrounded,” “As Long As I Have You,” “Steps of Faith,” “Foundations.”  – kinda can’t believe I haven’t heard of this guy before now.  Really like the worship songs I’ve found so far.
  • This Beautiful Republic – “Going Under,” “Right Now” – rocking stuff.  Some Christian bands don’t suck this year.
  • Flyleaf – “Fully Alive,” “Sorrow,” “There for You.”  – Wow, a girl who can front a metal band (and not be Evanescence).  And, in the veins of POD and Lifehouse, there’s a subversive Christian theme that pervades their music (Click here for a cool article about their approach to spirituality.)
  • Pillar – “Everything,” “When Tomorrow Comes,” “The Last Goodbye,” “Chasing Shadows at Midnight” – Again, Christian music that doesn’t suck.
  • Disciple – “Dive,” “After the World,” “Scars Remain” – more good stuff.
  • Thousand Foot Crutch – “Breathe You In” – nice song.  This band can get heavy, but this song is pretty ballad-like.
  • Pocket Full of Rocks – “Your Love” – kind of standard worship fare, but what’s wrong with that??

Along with music I’ve downloaded in the past few weeks by Seventh Day Slumber, Red, Tree 63, Rush of Fools, Skillet, Chris Tomlin, Falling Up, Steve Fee, Lifehouse, Kutless, Future of Forestry, Disturbed (“Land of Confusion”), Saliva (“Ladies and Gentlemen”), Decypher Down, and even Demon Hunter, I’ve got a ‘well-rounded’ set of music on my playlist right now.

By the way, Lifehouse’s new song “Storm” is one of the most mesmerizing songs I’ve ever heard… It’s not heavy (it’s vocal-driven almost entirely), and almost pure worship…

  1. mandythompson says:

    mark roach keeps coming up in my life… i need to check out his stuff!
    thanks for the list.

  2. no problem… I’m a music addict, so the list will probably keep growing ;-).

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