Back to the Beach

Posted: July 26, 2007 in Happenings, Perspective

Having already gotten trip one with the youth under my belt, I’m now looking forward to my Monday excursion to Orange Beach.  This will be the view I get to enjoy all week:

White Caps view

(Sadly, I’m scared of heights, so I’ll probably have a whole love/hate thing going on with the balcony view….heh.)

“A time to rest.”  That’s what a vacation like this means to me.  Not merely an escape from real life, but a chance to rest and recharge – a chance to spend some time with a ‘sabbath’ mindset.  Besides, it’s hard to beat sitting on a balcony playing guitar while staring out at the beach and feeling the wind.  It’s intimate.  It’s inspirational.  Some amazingly worshipful moments can be had if you’re open to what God might want to show you as you rest in him.

Besides, this fall at Crosspoint is going to be HUGE.  I want to be ready for it.


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