Posted: July 24, 2007 in Church

…is still everywhere:  In my suitcase, my shoes, my computer bag…even in my guitar case.  Other than the pseudo-tan I got at the beach, this sand is everywhere – serving as a reminder that I was at the beach just a few days ago.

PC beach

The trip was great.  And though that whole beach “atmosphere”-thing is always a plus, in the end that was just a backdrop to God’s designs for the week…  Let me say that we have the best youth group anywhere.  Okay, that’s an obviously biased opinion, but – having spent a week with these 16 kids – I was very impressed with their attitudes, their behavior, their friendships, and their desire for God.

Those are the things I’ll remember about this trip.  Sure, I’ll never forget Will S. macking on some 13-year-olds (being 16 himself, but not aware they were only 13)…as I’ll never forget Jacob’s sun poisoning, Brent’s (and Robert’s) caveman yell (BEEEEECH!!), Jared chasing a sea turtle, Graham chasing a shark (which turned to chase him…relax, it was a very small one), the guys’ spectacular (or disastrous?) acrobatics when skim-boarding, Brent’s cranking up of the Christian metal band Demon Hunter on the stereo drawing looks of shock and awe from other youth groups, and Leah’s obssession with buying organic peanut butter and making the rest of us eat it on our sandwiches.

I’ll never forget those things.  But more than any of those, I’ll never forget their love for God and their love for each other.  We got to see several kids recommit their lives to Christ, and two start new journeys with him all together.  That makes all the sunburn, sand, and long hours spent in the car more than worth it.

  1. mandythompson says:

    oh i miss that water! i grew up with family vacations down in Ft. Walton (about 50 miles west of Panama City)…. my parents are actually down there now – still keeping the family tradition!

  2. THE J-Mo says:

    Organic peanut butter? Is there another kind?

  3. Um…apparently, there is. I had no idea, either…

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