Saturday morning contemplations

Posted: July 7, 2007 in Church, Happenings, Weather

For the first time in a long time, I woke up to the sound of rain this morning.  In such a severe drought, this is a very good thing.  I don’t even care that I will now not be able to mow my grass today (which it desperately needs).

Spent yesterday editing some video for church that Jonathan C. and I shot out at Point Mallard, where we interviewed people and asked them some basic questions about Jesus and traditional church practices.  The answers we received were enlightening, especially given the usual responses we get from people who live in the oversaturated church culture of Decatur, Alabama.

Q:  Do you know Jesus?   A:  Not really. 

Q:  What is fasting?   A:  Eating only 3 meals and skipping snacks. 

And that’s just a taste…. We’ll be showing segments of this video over the next couple of weeks at church.  But it just goes to show that you cannot assume anything about your culture.  In spite of the 120+ churches in this town, there is still a huge segment of the population that does not go to church.  Of that population, there are large numbers of people who are turned off by church and church-related things (to the point of despisement) and there are an uncertain number of people who have no relationship with Christ.

What are we doing to reach them?  Are we throwing open our doors and expecting people to flock to church just because we have a catchy billboard?  Are we content maintaining the status quo?

Or are we inviting people we encounter?  Are we willing to engage people where they live?  Are we willing to actually invest our time, our resources, and our talents to do whatever it takes to draw people to church who do not go to church?  Do we follow-up on people we come in contact with (without becoming a pest, that is)?

Of the people we encountered in the park, for every die-hard southern baptist we encountered, we also encountered people who did not know Christ.  At the very least, we encountered people who didn’t have a working knowledge of what they believed in, even if they did go to church somewhere.   And we only had an hour to interview just a handful of people.

How many more people are there out there who need to know Jesus? 


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