Top 10 Things to Do on a Hot Summer Day in Alabama

Posted: June 30, 2007 in Happenings

10.  Save money on water bills by showering in your own sweat.

9.  Charge money to out-of-state visitors for using our “steam room.”

8.  Spray your driveway with water and see how quickly it evaporates.

7.  Play “who can get the most ticks” when hiking in the woods.

6.  Spend an afternoon putting ice on your feet after inadvertantly walking barefoot on hot asphalt.

5.  Slap all your friends who have their own pools and don’t use them.

4.  Say, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” until everyone else is sick of you.

3.  Book a beach vacation you can’t afford.  Anything…to…get…away…

2.  Remind yourself that you moved to Alabama of your own free will.

1.  Stay inside!

Really, it is HOT outside today.  Fortunately, some afternoon storms are supposed to provide some relief.  We’ve had several the past few days, and the rain has done wonders for my dying grass and the layer of dust that’s accumulated on everything during this drought.   But it is summer in Alabama, so if you live here, you just get used to it.


  1. THE J-Mo says:

    Even though it was hot, the clouds did help by blocking the sun from time to time while I was out today. When a cloud covered things up, we got a nice breeze to come through.

    Blog theme looks good bro.

  2. Thanks… finally found one that I like (I think)…

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