In need of beach

Posted: June 29, 2007 in Family, Happenings

I don’t understand people who say they couldn’t live at the beach.  I could and would in a heartbeat.  (Don’t we need a Crosspoint spinoff in Gulf Shores?).  I love it all – the smell of salt in the air, the breeze, the sand, the sound of the surf, the ocean wildlife, the boats, the seafood, and the whole flip flops and sunscreen lifestyle…  It’s true that I also love the mountains and camping and all that, but I love the beach more.  There’s even something spiritual about standing there at the land’s end looking out at the ocean.  God seems bigger.  I seem smaller.  And I’m awestruck by his creative power and the incomprehensible fact that a God so powerful actually loves me.

So, in 17 days, I get my first of two beach “fixes” this summer when I head down with CSI (Crosspoint’s youth program) to Panama City Beach.  It was great last year, and this year we’re staying even longer (4 nights vs. 3).  Having a baptism at sunset last year was awesome…


Then my whole family goes back on the 30th to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach.  So, barring the week “off” in between trips, I get a total of 8 nights/10 days in tropical bliss.

Recommended eating at Gulf Shores:

  1. Lulu’s – (under the bridge going into Gulf Shores) Lucy Buffet, Jimmy Buffet’s sister, owns the place – GREAT cheeseburgers, great atmosphere, but LONG wait…
  2. Cafe Grazie – (in the Marina at SanRoc Cay) Ever had great italian seafood?
  3. The Original Oyster House – (on the main road in just before the beach) Just sounds “vintage,” don’t it?
  4. The Crap Trap – (just over the state line in Perdido Key) Awesome ‘bronzed’ gulf shrimp.

Crap, I’m making myself hungry…


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