Posted: June 28, 2007 in Church, Music

– Tonight we had band practice at J-mo’s house.  We’re still getting readjusted to the whole “garage band” feel to rehearsal again, now that we’re portable and have lost our onstage rehearsal area.  But all in all, things are going well – and we don’t have to worry about setting in-ear monitor levels just to rehearse.  Woohoo!

– Steve Fee’s “Glorious One” is a cool song.  It should rock Sunday morning.  As with most songs we do, we play it a little heavier than the album version, but it just wouldn’t be our style to leave it as is, eh?

– Eli’s back in the vocal “saddle” again, after having made it through her whole wedding-thing.  Good to have her onstage again.  But funny that she waited outside of J-mo’s house for me to get there for 20 minutes when I’d been in the house for 45 minutes (my car was parked in the back, and the rest of the band guys’ cars were out front).

– “Park, by Marshall” guitar amps are not Marshall amps…no matter what people say.  Marshall = good sound.  Park = who stepped on a cat?  Okay, for a practice amp, I can tolerate it.

– After band practice, we upheld the ritual that is eating at Ruby Tuesday’s.  Brent was told they were out of fries, but he got fries.  Um…okay.  Will’s man-card status remains unchanged (revoked).

– Why we went to Wal-mart next, I’m not sure, but we did.  Wandered around and oogled everything from Transformers toys (loved ’em as a kid) and PS3 games to BB guns and Nerf footballs.  Made the trip productive by buying flea spray for my dogs.  $10 a bottle…supwifdat?  Oh…and I bought flip flops, because every adult male should own flip flops during the summer months.

Quote of the evening:  “If we were at the Wal-mart in Hartselle, I’d have people to talk to.” – Will.


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