A Page Is Turned…

Posted: May 29, 2007 in Church, Happenings, Perspective

I find it amazing how things change.  What’s even more amazing, though, is how we get comfortable or just “used to” doing things a certain way.  Maybe it’s because we human beings like routine.  Maybe it’s because we like certainty.  Whatever the case, change can be a big, scary thing when it happens.

I’ve had a lot of changes in my life lately.  My father passed away.  My favorite dog, Abbey, ran off (or was taken) and never came back.  The branch where I bank changed to another bank this spring.  This summer, my whole bank changes ownership and I have to get used to new account numbers, etc.  Kailyn graduated pre-school.  Zachary started pre-school.  A couple of our friends are getting married this Saturday.

Lots of changes – some sad, some annoying, some exciting…

But the BIG change is Crosspoint’s move to the theater.  That is a big, hairy change – and it is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  And I have to tell you, standing in front of the crowd Sunday morning knowing that it was our last service at 2217 Spring Ave. was equally exciting and terrifying.

Final Service at Spring Ave  And it’s strange that I will miss this place, because this place is nothing really special in and of itself.  It’s got a leaky roof, a weed-strewn lawn, it’s not very big, and it looks like a daycare (which it was), or worse, a dentist’s office from the road.   

But this place has been “home” since Feb. 2003.  It’s here where we grew from a mere crowd of +/-20 people to a crowd that, at times, has hit over 150.  It is here where we’ve seen friendships forged and teams take shape.  It is here where we’ve seen people do amazing things in serving God, whether ripping out a blistering guitar solo or just being a smiling face pouring coffee to a guest.  It’s also a place where we’ve seen people come to Christ for the first time.

So it’s okay to celebrate 2217 Spring Ave.  It’s okay to think “I remember when…”

But it’s not 2217 Spring Ave. that has made Crosspoint what it is.  It has always been about God.  It has always been about people.  And those are things not contained by a metal structure with brick fascia under green awnings.  The building has only been a tool – a convenient place to gather and grow.  But as we continue to grow and seek to serve God and reach even more people, we have to face change.  We need a new tool, now that Spring Ave. has served its purpose.  And that tool will be Regal Cinema on the beltline.

It will be a lot of hard work, I know.  Right now there are people building cabinets to store and transport a lot of our stuff in.  There are others dealing with the business-end of things:  insurance, contracts, etc.  There are others opening their homes for space for everything from storage to band rehearsal now that we won’t have a permanent facility.  This week is unfolding as one of the busiest weeks ever to be at Crosspoint (and that may simply be the norm of things to come).  And we are excited about what God can do and terrified about being thrust out into the unknown without a safety net.

But here’s what I think about it:  I loved high school (bear with me, it’s relevant…heh).  I had friends.  I had my routine.  I knew the layout.  I had activities that kept me busy.  And I was there for 5 years of my life (yes, 5 years, not because I was stupid, but because my high school ran from 8th grade through 12th grade).  It was comfortable.

Then I had to leave that comfortable place for college.  I had to pack my things and move.  I had to live on my own.  I had to make new friends.  I was excited, but scared to death about going and leaving the place that had been “home” for the first 18 years of my life.

However, college proved to be 4 of the most exciting years of my life…far better than high school.  There I made some great friends, grew as a person, and even met my wife there.  In the midst of such a great time, I no longer thought about the previous experiences I left behind.  I was too caught up in the joy of the “next” thing.

And I believe that’s what will happen now.  I have thoroughly loved the past 4 years.  But I have faith – in God – that the next 4 years (or 40) will blow the last four years out of the water.  So I absolutely cannot wait to get started.  It is change.  It is a new beginning.  And I can’t wait to see what God’s going to do.


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