Posted: May 21, 2007 in Happenings

Life’s been screaming by at such a rapid pace, I don’t know why I’m stopping to blog this morning.  Here’s some ‘bytes’ of what’s happening: 


– Dave mentioned that 4 people gave their lives to Christ yesterday at church.  In a culture where happenings like this would never make the front page, I have to say that this is HUGE.   It’s not blind religion.  It’s not southern, Bible-belt culture.  Their decision was not made under emotional manipulation and they weren’t promised they’d win the lottery if they just trusted Jesus.  They were simply given the opportunity to believe.  And they made a choice – a choice to quit living for themselves and live for God – to find faith in something bigger than themselves and find hope in God’s love and the salvation Jesus provides.  And this is why we do what we do at Crosspoint.

– I’ll put this under the “good” list:  Since my father’s death, I’ve been battling depression.  But I recognize it for what it is, and that’s a good thing.  So it’s not dominating me like it has in years past.

– Kailyn graduated preschool Friday night.  Is the school year really over?  Is Kailyn really going to kindergarten next year??  Crap, just how old am I?  Wait, this is supposed to be in the “good” category… so I’ll just say it was a fun time and it’s a neat thing to experience “being a parent” moments like this that make you proud of your kid.

– S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (PC game) owns me when I find free time.  You can watch Heroes and 24 and Lost if you want to, but I’m happy to be killing mutants around a frighteningly accurate reproduction of Chernobyl and the surrounding areas.  I don’t know if that makes me a super-geek or not, but I have to admit that games today have production values that rival Hollywood’s and storylines that are better than much of what you see on TV or on the big screen.  And I get to be the hero…heh.


– I’m glad the Decatur Daily’s ongoing feature “hiding in plain sight” doesn’t showcase interiors, or my house would be on the front page.  Yikes.  Made some progress over the weekend, but still have a way to go.  (FYI:  “hiding in plain sight” is an attempt to by the local paper to showcase run down houses or homes where people have inoperable cars in the driveway or have used their front yards for storage).

– I did NOT sleep well last night.  That sucks.  I’ve slept great all week, but only the night before I’m supposed to drive to Atlanta can I not sleep.  Sheesh. 

– On top of that, one of our cats decided to play with one of Stacey’s small tomato plants in our kitchen like a toy, so I’ve had to clean up dirt off of the kitchen floor, AND, our dog pooped on the bathroom floor this morning.  Glad I have lots of paper towels, 409, Lysol, and Clorox wipes ;-). 

– $3.00+/gallon gasoline.  This may be the most expensive trip to Atlanta ever.


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