On the mend…

Posted: May 11, 2007 in Announcements, Church, Happenings

Feeling better today.  Much better, in fact.  I still managed to make it band practice last night, but could quite literally barely walk by the time I got home.  But after a much-needed good night sleep, I’m good to go.

Today is an eventful day:

– Today is my son’s 2nd birthday.  Being lousy parents, we’re not ready.  With the funeral last week and the round of illness this week, we’ve just been overwhelmed.  So we’ll have to remedy that today and this weekend.

– Today is the BIG day for Dave, as he quits his job to begin working full-time for the church.  Wow.  Now we can work more closely together, which is great, but also means no more all-day XBOX sessions for me.  Um…wait…I mean…would I ever do that??  (Truthfully, having kids was enough to curb playing time down to about 30 minutes IF I find the time to play in the first place…I haven’t fired up any of the consoles in over 3 weeks.)

– Today is the beginning of the first of our final 3 weekends in our current facility.  Can you believe that?  Only 3 weeks to go, then Crosspoint is in Regal Cinema.

That move is going to be a ton of work (weekly) plus there’s a lot of logistical obstacles to overcome.  But I can’t wait.


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