1 Task Down; 5,000,000 to go…

Posted: April 20, 2007 in Happenings

Okay, my picking of the number 5,000,000 was arbitrary…it should be higher.  It feels higher.  So much to do.

I just knocked out one of the vids I was putting together for church.  If you’re a video editor, you know there’s nothing more satisfying that finally hitting that “Render” button that puts all the elements of your video together.  So, here’s hoping it doesn’t reveal flaws that need editing once it has rendered…that always stinks.

But since I can’t work on my 2nd video until the first one completes rendering, I have time to do nothing.  Since nothing sometimes begs a nap, I decided to blog.  About something.  Anything.

– Java Jaay – we have sort of an impromptu concert there tonight starting around 7:00.  Should be fun, though J-mo’s sick, Brent’s not practiced with us, Kyle’s playing acoustic (which apparently frightens him…heh), and I’ve been fighting off a sore throat/cough thing for about 2 weeks now.  Hopefully, it will all prove better than the sum of its parts (us).

– Kailyn’s sick again.  Fever of 100 this morning.  Supwifdat?  Probably another ear infection.  Those are always fun.

– Thai Phoon Shrimp at Ruby Tuesday is awesome. (It’s about time I ate something other than Sonora Chicken Pasta, eh?)

– As I’m watching Stacey deal with difficulties at work, it’s reminding me the importance of leadership.  It’s one thing to be everyone’s friend.  I think that makes a leader one people WANT to follow.  However, there’s also the kind of leadership that makes tough decisions and deals with tough circumstances when they arrive.  That I’m not so good at.  But watching the disaster unfold where Stacey works reminds me that I have to be that kind of leader so I’m ready when stuff like that happens (inevitably) wherever I lead.

– To whomever took my dog:  I hope she bites you.

– Why won’t my kids leave me alone when I’ve got a lot to do??

Okay, rendering is 100%…time to go.  Whee.


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