Saturday Night Pseudo-live

Posted: April 14, 2007 in Church, Family, Happenings, Perspective, Weather

It’s been another ultra-busy Saturday (whatever happened to Saturday being a day “off”?).  Now I’m just trying to wind down before I go to bed.  Since I can’t seem to form a coherent thought, I’ll -once again- ramble about the things on my mind:

– Nothing is worse than having a cold in your ears (then everything else hurts…sore throat from drainage, drainage that makes me cough).  It hurts to swallow.  It hurts to blow my nose.  Time for some Aleve.

– Few things are as fun as rendering videos for church while trying to keep in mind the change in aspect ratio from computer screen to 60″ plasma.  Wow.  A short project once again became a long one.  But things are working now…

– My dog, Abby, has never come home.  Whoever has my dog…it’s still MY dog, and if I ever find her (with you) I’m going to snatch the leash out of your hand and beat you with it.  I’ll keep it holy and shout, “Do you know Jesus?” as I’m whipping you…or something like that.  Seriously, losing a dog really stinks.  I’d give anything to see her back here again (so would my wife and kids).

– I wanted my name in the paper, too.  Today’s Decatur Daily featured an article on Dave and mentioned last week’s video that I worked so hard on, but they left out my name in the credits.  D’oh!!  Not that I’m really all that upset about it, but now my parents don’t have anything they can cut out and clip to their fridge with my name on it.  I guess I can send them a finger-painting or something…

– The “the-ladies-are-having-ladies’-night-so-the-guys-are-going-to-Kevin’s” evening on Friday was pretty unexciting.  Just watching TV, hanging out, wondering what our women are doing.  At least the kids didn’t kill each other.  Why did we watch Stargate when we have a Wii?

– Rain is good.  2″ of rain is great (now we’re only 23 inches short for the past 15 months).  Great day to stay inside and work on video.

– If you have a problem with someone, don’t tell me about it.  Tell them.  I’m realizing that I don’t want to hear it.  I shouldn’t hear it.  It’s not my weight to carry.  It’s yours.  Carry it and share it with the person you have a problem with.  It’s courteous.  It’s godly.  It’s biblical.  The next time someone tells me they have a problem with someone else, I’m going to shove my Epiphone up their…nose…so far they’ll need strap locks on their teeth.  Seriously.  Stop it.  In the meantime, get this log out of your own eye first.

– Why does the guy from R.E.M. sing like he’s whining?  I can almost hear it:  “But I was going to go to Tashi station and pick up some power converters…” (i.e., Luke Skywalker).  Sing that line to the tune of “This one goes out to the one I love…”

– Did I mention my ears hurt?

– In spite of gloomy weather, sinus issues, video technical issues, and scheduling issues, I’m really not complaining.  God is good.  I’m reminded all the time that he’s doing amazing things in the lives of people I know…and it’s a privilege to get to see that happen.  I think if we spent time finding out where God is working in people’s lives and took the time to hear their stories, it would drive us/motivate us to get off our (pick one:) lazy/self-righteous/arrogant/doubtful/pessimistic/unforgiving/unrepentant/baggage-carrying butts and shout to the whole world what God is doing.

– I feel lousy, but I can’t wait until tomorrow morning.


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