Messin’ with themes

Posted: April 12, 2007 in Happenings, Music

Okay, so I got annoyed at having to click the “read on” button in my own posts.  You have to be really interested to click “read on,” and I’m not that interesting.  So I’ll be experimenting with various themes over the next few days (probably…I’m lazy, so that might not happen, either.

On a side note, which would you buy?

#1:  146279.jpg      – OR –                   #2:  460856.jpg

The first one is an ESP Eclipse II (vintage black, active pickups).  The second is a new Gibson Les Paul BFG (unsanded top, wooden knobs, ugly in a beautiful way).

My Taylor T5 is great for versatility (hard rock to acoustic).  My Fender American Strat HSS is great if you need that Fender twang.  But the only guitar I have for the heavier stuff we do in church is my old Epiphone Les Paul.  I’ve modded the heck out of it (new pickups, tuners, etc.), but it’s still limited by its core construction, meaning it constantly goes out of tune when the temperature in the room changes and the “not-solid-wood” plied body can produce some odd effects when playing it.  So it just hangs on a hook in my office most of the time.  It looks good there, though…

  1. THE J-Mo says:

    I’ll take #1. That unfinished look kinda sucks.

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