Dreaming of Disaster

Posted: March 30, 2007 in Church, Perspective

We’re rebuilding the stage at our church.  Like most projects, it’s turned into a bigger project than we anticipated.  It’s amazing how a thin layer of glue that held the carpet down (placed there by the building’s former tenants) can thwart plans for a simple paint job.  Now the stage is receiving an alternative upgrade in the form of laminate wood flooring.  To say that many people are “busy” trying to complete this task is an understatement.

I had a nightmare last night that Sunday rolled around and we were still not done.  Dave stood up to welcome people and we were still trying to hook wires up.  J-mo contacted Bishop Black to loan us some equipment, and they were there, too.  But 45 minutes into an impromptu sermon, we still weren’t hooked up.

Strangely, it was nighttime, too.  I was outside trying to screw speaker cabinets back together that had fallen apart.  Dave was pi$$ed and I was certain he wanted to kick my butt.  People were leaving the church.  I even think it started to rain on us.

Freaky – IF you’re in a position of leadership and it’s already a fear that something will happen that will make you “not ready” on a Sunday morning when it’s time to get started.  Dreams like this, however, do remind me how important our job is.  And the only way to avert such a disaster is to work hard and stay prepared.


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