Simple physics

Posted: March 29, 2007 in Perspective

– For every action, there is a simple and opposite reaction.

You only get out of something what you’re willing to put into it.  You get what you pay for.  You reap what you sow.

Like many truths clouded by their abandonment into the “cliche,” we might not grasp the importance of statements like these.  Lately, I’ve had to wrestle with the fact that I must believe in magic, because I want things to happen magically in my life with little or no effort (on my part) involved in the process.  I want to lose weight.  I want to be a better musician.  I want to reach people more effectively.  I want so many things.  All I need is a black hat I can pull these successes out of with the wave of a magic wand.  Right?

Kevin, if you want to lose weight but still eat too much and exercise little, you’re not going to lose weight.

If I want to be a better musician, but don’t practice what I have to play, then I will not improve.

If I want to connect with more people, but won’t step out of my comfort zone, I’m not going to connect with more people.

 What to you want?  What are you hoping is going to happen in your life with no effort involved?

Some thoughts on the subject:

– If you’re shallow, you can’t expect depth in relationships or accountability or even conversation.

– If you’re lazy, you can’t expect results.

– If you can’t commit time to something, that something will never be any better than it is now.

– If you aren’t willing to be Jesus to someone, don’t expect to see Jesus (in your life).

– If you aren’t willing to feed someone, don’t whine about never feeling ‘fed’ yourself.

Whatever you spend your time doing, the quality of that time is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of time you’re willing to invest in that activity.  If you want to see Jesus, be Jesus to someone (see Him working through you).  If you want to be fed spiritually, try feeding someone else instead of yourself.

You only get out of something what you’re willing to put into it.

So stop whining and get to work.

And, yes, I’m now talking to myself.

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