Restless, cont.

Posted: March 14, 2007 in Church, Perspective

Someone asked me today if something happened recently (as in the past couple of days) that made me catalogue the ‘bad things’ that have happened in my church experiences.

The short answer, “No.”

The long answer, “Yes.”

No, no one has said or done anything that has made me want to wack people over the head with their own Bibles to see what it feels like for themselves.  No one has hurt me.  No one has done anything stupid (for at least the past 2 months).  Well, I don’t know if anyone has done anything stupid.


Yes, from time to time I still see evidence of some self-centeredness and self-righteousness that threatens to rear its ugly head at any moment and cause a meltdown of some sort that will somehow suck time and energy out of my life (again) and somehow drown out all the good things have happened.  It’s happened before; it’s inevitable that it will happen again.

But I’m trying to overcome my own pessimism about things like this.

What sparked this, then?

Last night I heard someone say, “For the first time in 10 years, I like myself.”  Wow.  Short version of this guy’s story:  He’s reconnected with Christ after many, many years.  It’s changing him.  It’s contagious to hear about it.  I want to shout this guy’s story from the roof of my house.

Last night I heard someone else say, “My cousin is learning to trust God for the first time in her life.”  Wow.  Short version of her story:  She visited our church a couple of times, something only God can make happen happened, and she’s drawing closer to Him because of it.  I want to shout her story from the roof of my house.

This ought to drive me.  This ought to drive us.  It ought to set us on fire. It ought to make the petty crap that divides us seem as stupid as it really is.  It ought to make us shed anything that holds us back and do whatever it takes to introduce Christ to people so more people can have their own story to tell.

I’m tired of church politics, interpersonal ‘games,’ people that approach you after church to tell you what they didn’t like about the service, people shedding a relationship with Christ for shallow church attendance and rule-keeping that would make Christ turn the tables over in their homes…etc., etc.

Christ, the son of God, died for all of us.  Salvation is here.  That’s a HUGE thing.  Shame on us for polluting that message with our own messages.

As my pastor says sometimes, “I’m ready to charge hell with a water pistol.”

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