Temporary Reprieve

Posted: March 3, 2007 in Happenings

Another busy week.  Lots going on.  With the kids asleep and Stacey at work, I have a moment of peace and quiet…

– Fortunately, the severe weather threat didn’t materialize here in north Alabama.  The sun never poked its head out, which kept the air pretty stable.  But south Alabama was hit really hard.  When a tornado hits a high school and kills people, that’s like seeing a nightmare come true.

– Kailyn woke me up in the middle of the night last night whining about needing more water.  After that, I couldn’t fall back to sleep.  Holy crap, I’m tired, and – as always – still have a lot to do.

– I go to pick my brother up from the airport this morning.  He’ll be here for a couple of days.  Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy with video/music stuff this week (and kids) that our house is still…frighteningly messy.

– Things I need to find time to do:  Clean, tweak settings on the new PODXT Live (guitar processor), play Motor Storm on the PS3, rebuild my old PC for Jack, etc., etc.


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