Life is CRAZY, dawg!

Posted: February 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

QUESTION:  Throw two video shoots, three video-editing projects, 2 special songs (Evanescences’ “Tourniquet,” and Casting Crowns’ “Does Anybody Hear Her?”) for Sunday, goofy scheduling issues due to soccer games, goofy scheduling due to creative team members’ pregnant relatives/wives, technological re-arrangement/re-connecting of new audio gear, and my own 9-year wedding anniversary into one mix, what do you get?

ANSWER:  Cables laying everywhere, a messy house, a shiny new PODxt (guitar processor) that I haven’t had time to EVEN PLUG IN, the irritability that comes with lack of sleep, and an angry wife (whom I hope will want to stick with me for the 10th anniversary after a crazy week like this).

 D’OH!  That’s been my week…so far.  I’m in the middle of editing video #1 right now, and…my brain is so fried from running on overdrive that I had to stop for a second just to re-focus.

So here is my short list of gripes about this week (and the various curve balls which have had me swinging strikes at my efforts to get things done):

– If you have a soccer game that’s going to foul up rehearsal, let me know.  Don’t let me find out from someone else the day of rehearsal.  Goober!

– If you say you’ll be at my house in five minutes to shoot the video, don’t make it 15.  Goober #2.

– Zachary, if you’re going to have a dirty diaper, can you find some colonic muscle control that will allow me to sit down at the PC to work for more than 30 seconds before I catch the “whiff.”

– Why is there not a traffic light at McEntire and Old Moulton? (looks at watch)

– Never forget to shut the door to the laundry room (where the litter box is) when you’ve got a 21-month-old running around.  Ewww…

– If you’re going to stretch out your lunch break so long that my wife can’t go to lunch in time to pick up my daughter from school, quit eating.

– If I’m going bald, why does the remaining hair on my head grow still get cowlicks?  Talk about insult to injury…stopping and having to comb the remaining fragments of hair on my head when I’m already running late.

– Why do kids love to play with your car keys in a different place than where you left them?

– Why did the UPS backup on my computer choose THIS WEEK to malfunction?

– As always…the left lane is NOT the slow lane.  If you have to turn left 3 miles down the road, you don’t have to get over in the left lane 3 miles early.

– And my NUMBER ONE gripe is:  The door-to-door evangelists which sucked time out of my morning today.  Armed with Bibles and smal leather duffel bags of literature, they somehow showed up on the busiest day of my life to try to get me to follow their version of Jesusism.  Nevermind that I go to a church where I’m also ON STAFF…

Anyway, thank God for crackers and Kraft Easy Cheese, or I would’ve starved this week…


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