31 hours of snow, music, technology, and money management…

Posted: February 18, 2007 in Church, Happenings

…and ZERO sign that the insanity will end soon.


2:00 – Leave for Nashville with Dave and J-mo.  Drive in blowing snow from the Tennessee state line to Nashvegas.

3:30 – Arrive at Guitar Center.  Buy cables for church (after 1 hour of deliberating what kind of cables we needed).  Buy this bling capo for my guitar (along with strings).  Oogle over all the ‘stuff’ they sell there (i.e., Line 6 PoDXT live…sweeeeeeet.).  Leave with minimal damage to wallet.

4:30 – Explore the depression-inducing 100 Oaks Mall to find a Wii for church.  Gray paint, bad lighting.  Smallest CompUSA I’ve ever seen.  Leave Wii-less.

5:30 – Drive to Hendersonville.  Listen to Dave/J-mo razz me for not getting into the lane where the cars were moving when our 3 lane interstate turned into 1 lane for some overpass malfunction.  Still blowing snow and windy.  Nasty.

6:00 – Check at the mall on Gallatin Pike in another Wii-hunt.  Leave still Wii-free.

6:30 – Arrive at Lifechurch.  Oogle over how they have a cool church in a building as small as ours.  Immediately get green with envy.  Service was great.  Music was great.  Nice people.  Always a good thing.

8:30 – Walk outside, realize that the temperature has finally dropped below freezing and the roads are icing up.  D’oh!  Drive very slowly south towards Cool Springs to eat at Joe’s crab shack.

9:00 – Much weeping and gnashing of teeth upon finding that Joe’s Crab Shack is gone.  Conversation approaches near ‘cussing’ levels as we ponder the fate of our beloved seafood joint.  Meanwhile, we laugh at the Jeep Cherokee that slides off the road in the icy conditions.  No damage, no injuries.  Just confirmation that people in the South do not know how to drive on slick roads.  (Secretly, I hope I’m not the one being laughed for some malfunction I could have going home).

9:15 – Macaroni Grill.  Don’t slip and fall walking in.  I can sum up this event with these words:  Lobster Ravioli.  OMG.  Good stuff.

10:15 – Head out for Decaturville.  Again, driving very slowly.  Watching for others’ stupidity.  Weather gets better and better the further south we go.  Still snowing, but roads clear up.  Good trip.  Good reflection on the church service we’ve witnessed.  Good ideas for future planning.  Cool to turn on high beams and pretend you’re in hyperpace as the snow whips by the car!!  (I’m…such…a nerd).

11:45 – Arrive home.  Practically fall asleep before my head hits the pillow.  Oh, my God, I’m tired…


7:00 – Is that the alarm already?

7:45 – Brent calls (bassist for the band).  “I’m sick with a 102 fever.”  Oh, crap.  “Sorry to hear that, man….gotta go…”

7:45:30 – Call Jack.  Whew.  Jack-o comes through in the pinch for some bass action.

8:15 – Arrive at church, not really comprehending that I’d be there for 13 hours.

8:45 – Hope Jack can figure out “My Glorious.”  Much fear of failure until 2nd playthrough.  Go, Jack!

10:00 – The church-thing.  Laugh at redneck jokes.  Laugh at video scene with Dave:  “Mom told me to tell you turn on the fan.”  ROFL.

11:30 – End church 15 minutes late.  Busy work begins.

12:00 – Begin setup of rack, routing of wires, testing of new gear.  Stir in some McDonald’s value meals to fend off hunger.  Smile ear-to-ear at how the DBX Driverack makes our sound system sound like it’s SUPPOSED TO SOUND.

5:00 – Good Sense money course.  Crap, I hate debt.  Debt sucks.  Did you hear me?  DEBT SUCKS!!!  Guess that’s why the class is a good thing for me to take.

8:15 – Class ends.  More playtime on the DBX and the new sound board.  Man, it’s like a whole new sound.  Can’t wait to see how it helps our sound Thurs. at rehearsal.

9:15 – FINALLY go home.

10:00 – Start blogging.  Ask myself, “Why am I spending time blogging when I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck?”  Finding no good answer, I keep blogging…


And the excitement is only getting started.  This week, I’ve got to shoot/edit 3 videos (4, if you count Jack’s), chart an Evanescence song, and still plan out everything I normally do…

But you know what?  It’s times like these – even though they’re tiring – that revive the soul…make you feel like you’re spending your time in a worthwhile way, rather than sticking to the mundane or lazy.  It’s times like these that build memories and energize you for ‘what’s next.’  And that’s a good thing.  I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.  All I can do is let God lead, and hang on for the ride…

Why am I still blogging?  I’m going to bed…


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