Toys, toys, toys…

Posted: February 15, 2007 in Church, Happenings

So much new technology.  Lots of shiny things in metal housing (which kinda sucks when it’s so cold and touching ANYTHING results in a static spark so strong you can actually see it flash).

My computer arrived just as I said ‘to heck with it’ last night at about 7:05.  Stacey and I needed to get to the church and do some wiring on the new sound gear, so I couldn’t keep waiting.  So it was fortunate turn of events that it actually arrived as we were loading kids/gear into the car.  Nothing like being confined to your house all day waiting for something you must sign for, only to have it arrive at the latest possible moment.  Note to self:  In the future, anything I have to sign for I’m going to call and request that it not be delivered, but that I can pick it up myself (since the terminal’s only like 2-3 minutes away, anyway).  I’m probably a boob for not doing that in the first place.

Anyway, it’s here.  I’ve only opened everything up to see if it looked undamaged, so I’ve had no time to play.  It looks sweet on the outside.  Huge tower, though.  Gotta figure out where I’m going to put that.  I’ll post a pic or two later…

Meanwhile, at the church, Stacey, Spooner, and I got the sound up and running and did some cleaning up of the gear.  One interesting note:  the new Yamaha mixer is MUCH louder than the Mackie.  We could drive the amp/speakers to the point you couldn’t stand the volume, and the slider was barely halfway up.  That just makes me think is that we had something boobed up on the Mackie hookup (actually, I’m almost sure of it….but, alas…).  When you’ve got an amp and sub as powerful as ours are, we should’ve been able to rattle the Baptist out of anyone sitting in the room on any given Sunday.

Well, now we can.  Heh.


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