Cold, hot, cold…

Posted: February 13, 2007 in Weather

It’s almost been like springtime today.  Rainy, but pretty warm…complete with the threat of severe thunderstorms.  Gotta love that.  But the temperature is supposed to plummet after midnight, with highs in the 30s tomorrow and only in the 20s on Friday.  No wonder my sinuses are bothering me.  Anyone remember that scene in “The Princess Bride” when Fezzik (Andre the Giant) kept dunking Inigo Montoya’s head in two barrels of water, one cold and one steaming, to sober him up?  That’s what the weather has seemed like this winter.  But since I’m not in need of sobering, it just gives me a headache.

If it’s going to stay this cold, let there be some snow already.  Real snow.  Not the ‘teaser’ snow that’s gone as quickly as it came, bu a real, solid snowfall.  I’d love it, my kids would love it…good times all around.  Granted, all my ‘friends-of-northern-origin’ won’t love it.  I don’t blame them, after seeing the blizzard stuff on TV in Chicago, Illinois…record lake-effect snow in New York.  But come on…this is Alabama.  One snowfall a year is allowed.  It comes.  It goes.

Maybe this weekend will offer some surprises.


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